The BARE Network

The adult cryptocurrency platform
Designed to serve what you want and from whom you want!

Passive investment

Interested in passive earnings?
Buy BARE coins and let them stake or run a Masternode, regular rewards will increase your invest.


Use BARE coin in our shop
& on our platform.
Further possibilities of
use are planned.

Speed of BARE 

With block time of only
~1 minute you can easily
send money in only 6 minutes
to all placesin the World.

what we do and have for you

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POS/MN Cryptocurrency

Stable Blockchain:
we created a stable blockchain
to serve a decentralized,
proof of stake coin with masternodes
for investors and have a currency for our platforms.

Low maximum supply:
our maximum coin supply is only ~1.4 million coins.
this amount is supplied in blocks a 60 seconds until ~2042
we use like bitcoin halving scheme of coin supply per block.
actual we are in phase 2: ~0.5 BARE per block.

Multiple platform support:
BARE-Coin is running on several OS and
platforms mainly on linux, windows, macos,
raspberry pi 3 & 4,  odroid c2 & c4 and many
others. android release is planed for 2021.


from users to users

What users do:
register on platform and start browsing creator
portfolios, subscribe creators and buy single shots,
videos or sets with BARE-coin.

What creators do:
register on platform,
create a profile and after its verification,
content creator fills portfolio and sets
taboos and preferences for future requests.

What team do:
a team of watchers control all content in
front of switch it online to prevent have illegal
content on our platform. porn is wide defined,
but there are still rules!


from vendors & companys to users

Selected vendors inside
interested vendor’s or company’s
can start selling goods in our shop-platform.
our team adds also some merchandise for you.

Small fees for everyone:
we take a small fee from all
transactionsto pay chain fees and raise budget
for our team and new products on The BARE Network.

Automated price calculation:
our sellers give the product prices in $usd,
the system will automated calculate the needed
amountin BARE Coin (and later more cryptocurrencies)


we are community

Community is basement of bare network:
our intention is create a great product for our
community if you like what you see help us spread
news about The BARE Network on social media

Be part of The BARE Network:
if you are user, creator, vendor or investor
we are all interested to grow our products and ideas.
talk with team all time on discord or telegram.

Your idea inside:
if you have a great idea to add to our network
don’t hesitate to talk to us and talk about it.
maybe your idea is some time part of our toolchain.

Build for run stable, long time and with the core of POS 3.0 we have a long-term chain that reliable holds and transfers your coins from one to another all time.

The BARE Network, 2021

all important data and information for Bare coin to download 








1385,000.0 BAREPREMINE
2 – 5000.10000000 BAREPOW PHASE
501 – 500,0001.00000000 BARE0.10000000 BARE
500,001 – 1,000,0000.50000000 BARE0.05000000 BARE
1,000,001 – 1,500,0000.25000000 BARE0.02500000 BARE
1,500,001 – 2,000,0000.12500000 BARE0.01250000 BARE
2,000,001 – 2,500,0000.06250000 BARE0.00625000 BARE
2500001 – 30000000.03125000 BARE0.00312500 BARE
3,000,001 – 4,000,0000.01562500 BARE 
4,000,001 – 5,000,0000.00781250 BARE 
5,000,001 – 6,000,0000.00390625 BARE 
6,000,001 – 7,000,0000.00195313 BARE 
7,000,001 – 8,000,0000.00097656 BARE 
8,000,001 – 9,000,0000.00048828 BARE 
9,000,001 – 10,000,0000.00024414 BARE 
10,000,001 – 11,000,0000.00012207 BARE 
11,000,001 – infinity0.00006104 BARE 
Supply Block 11,000,000~1,400,252.9 BARE ~1,400,252.9 BARE 

People behind
The BARE Network

Founder, Developer, Team member and Investors

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Hallo Ich bins 1

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exchanges, pools, coin statistics and more…
Lets start with our Exchanges:


BARE was listed in February 2019.
Crex is our main volume exchange now.


BARE was listed in October 2020.


BARE was listed in January 2021.


New exchange in June 2021.

The BARE Network

Main idea behind Bare platform is simple –
get the content you want and from whom you want.

BareFoot, 2019

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